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RockIt DJ Pro v4.20.1620

Rockit Pro DJ is powerful, full-featured, live DJ mixing software for use on a laptop, desktop or rack computer. Perfect for weddings, parties, clubs, hotels, even at home; this Windows DJ Software will find songs super fast, let you mix automatically or manually, play music to multiple sound systems at the same time, change song pitch, and much, much more.

Mix your MP3 and WAV music with ease. Use the 3 band kill EQ to tailor your music to the room; add sound effects on the fly; create unlimited saved playlists. Our legendary music libraries can hold unlimited tracks, and much more…


*Now comes with 18 skins pre-packaged (3 netbook size skins).
*Much faster library load on startup.
*2 additional decks available.
*Remembers main list column order.
*Drag and reorder within lists.
*Add only new files to library in Wizard.
*Clock, Uptime and CPU meter available for use on skins.
*Mixer update.
*Saves popup window size and position.
*Deck drop zones follow skin movement.
*New menus available.
* Much more…


*AutoMixing: We’ve added new AutoMix functionality to create smoother mixes, and also added Random AutoMix, which allows you to mix randomly by artist, album, genre, year range and BPM range, or just use the entire library!
* Video Jukebox: Plays standard music videos, image slide shows, and even music! Preview on screen, and output to an external monitor, projector, etc.
*Audio CD Player: Pop an audio CD into your computer, and Rockit’s embedded CD player can not only play it, but look up the CD information on the internet.
*Skinning: Rockit is fully skinnable, and comes with 4 different sized skins for use on most monitors right out of the box! You can modify our skins to suit your needs, or build your own custom skins.
*MIDI Capable: We have included mappers for 3 top selling MIDI controllers, and you can edit those to suit your needs, as well as design your own, for a particular MIDI controller.
*Album art lookup and display: Rockit will display album art in your MP3 tags, or look them up automatically on the internet instantly, when you load a song into a deck.
*Library Manager: Totally redone, easy to use, and includes loads of functionality so you can take control of your music.
*MP3 Tag Editor: Fully functional MP3 tag editor, with the ability to tag all pertinent MP3 fields, lookup and download album art, multi-file capability, and more.
*Multi-threaded: Rockit is a native 32 bit multi-threaded application. It has a very low memory footprint, and utilizes very little CPU resoures, allowing it to run easily on any modern computer. It takes full advantage of dual-core and multi-core CPUs.
*Communications Manager: Allows third parties to write client software for Rockit, to send requests, control playback, etc.

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