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UltraDefrag v4.3.0 Final

Defrag is an open source disk defragmenter for Windows NT 4.0 and later operating systems. It is very fast, because the defragmenting is done by kernel-mode driver. UltraDefrag makes use of the same defragmenting API used by many other windows defrag utilities, both open and closed source. However, UltraDefrag has many features that makes it unique. Firstly it has a kernel mode driver that does most of the work, secondly is the ability to run the application at boot up time in a manner similar to chkdsk. This allows for faster defragmentation time and the ability to defragment all files including system files. It can also defrag single file or multiple directory and can generate a list of all fragmented files. The program is available for both 32bit and 64bit version of Windows running on both AMD and Intel based processor. There are three interface available: Graphical, Console and Native. The UltraDefrag Micro Edition is a special package for advanced users who prefers extreme stability and power.

This edition is a little bit faster, much stable (its driver contains just most important parts). It has console interface to speed up defragmentation process. Boot-time feature is available too. The Micro Edition saves reports in plain text format.

Download : UltraDefrag 4.3.0 Final x86
Download : x64

Nero v9.4.39.0 + KeyGen

Nero 9 - is a set of software digital media and home entertainment center the next generation, which is the most trusted in the world. It features new cutting-edge functionality that makes enjoying digital media content simple. This easy-to-use yet powerful multimedia suite, gives you the freedom to create, read, copy, record, edit, share and upload online. Whatever it was - music, video, photo, and data - enjoy and share with family and friends anytime, anywhere.

Nero 9 Highlights:
* Quick and easy rip, burn, auto backup and copy
* Backup files to CD, DVD and Blu-ray discs *
* Create professional-looking DVD movies with integrated extensive menu
* Copy, burn, share, upload, and create music mixes like a DJ
* Convert music, photos and DVD, to play on your iPod ® and other mobile devices
* Quick photo and video upload to My Nero, YouTube ™, and MySpace
* Watch, record, pause, and customize your live TV
* Play AVCHD and other HD formats

Installing with Ahead Nero 9 HQ License maker & manager by BetaMaster:
Install the program first disable internet when installing using any trial serial number, for example:
After you install without running the program, run Keymaker (on Vista as an administrator), click Reset white list and the License Manager, click Remove all serials, then, going through all the modules in the menu, click Product Add to white-list or Register serial. Block program on Internet access.

Download : Nero + KeyGen | Mirror | Mirror | Mirror

DVDFab Final

DVDFab is the most powerful and flexible DVD copying/burning software. With 8 copy modes, you can back up any DVD to DVDR in just a few clicks. DVDFab is brand new, is completely rewritten, is based on more than 8 years of DVD copy software development. DVDFab is simply the easiest way to copy a DVD movie. Just insert the movie and a blank DVD then press Start. Your entire movie (including menus, trailers and special features) is copied to a single DVD with just one click and everything happens automatically. Backup your entire DVD (including menus, trailers and special features) onto one or multiple discs.
DVDFab includes: "DVD to DVD", "Blu-ray to Blu-ray", "DVD to Mobile", "File to mobile" and "File Mover".
DVDFab "DVD to DVD" is the most powerful and flexible DVD copying/burning software. With 8 copy modes, you can backup any DVD to DVDR or hard drive in just one or a few clicks.

DVDFab "Blu-ray to Blu-ray" is the first full-featured Blu-ray copying/burning software. With 4 copy modes, you can backup Blu-ray to BD-R or hard drive in just one or a few clicks.
DVDFab "DVD to Mobile" converts DVD title to AVI/MP4/WMV/MKV files which can be played on mobile devices like iPod, PSP, ZUNE, cell phone, etc.
DVDFab "File to Mobile" converts source video file on your PC to next generation console like PS3 and Xbox 360, or mobile devices like iPod, PSP, ZUNE, cell phone, etc.
DVDFab "File Mover" option transfers converted files to mobile devices like iPod, PSP, ZUNE, etc.

Download : DVDFab Final

VSO ConvertXToDVD Final

ConvertXtoDVD (formerly DivXtoDVD) is a software to convert and burn your videos to DVD. With ConvertXtoDVD and in a few clicks you can backup your movies to DVD playable on any home DVD player. ConvertXtoDVD supports most popular format such Xvid, MOV, VOB, Mpeg, Mpeg4, MP4, AVI, WMV, DV and stream formats. It converts your files into a compliant DVD Video set of files and burns it on a DVD media. The aspect ratio can be automatically selected or forced to a specific format. The program works for NTSC and PAL video formats and creates chapters automatically. Multiple audio tracks are supported. Version 2 uses a completely rewritten interface with subtitles support and a lot of new settings.
• Video formats supported: avi, divx, xvid, mov, mkv, flv, mpeg-1, mpeg2-, mpeg-4, nsv, dvr-ms, tivo, ts, ifo, vob, asf, wmv, realmedia, rm, rmvb, ogm, existing files from digital camcorders, TV/Sat, capture cards, etc. No external codecs needed like avi codec download

• Create DVD menus with different templates available, possibility to add background video, image or audio, have chapter and audio/subtitle menus
• Conversion advisor wizard, control of the conversion speed vs. quality
• Fast and quality encoder, typically less than 1 hour for converting 1 movie, and supports Multi-Core processors!
• Included burning engine with burn speed control choice of SAO or packet writing methods, supports all DVD formats
• Custom and or automatic chapter creation with markers and preview window
• Advanced file merging possibilities
• Audio formats supported internal and external: AC3, DTS, PCM, OGG, MP3, WMA and more...
• Subtitles files supported internal and external: SRT, .SUB/IDX, .SSA with color and font selection, and supports tags like italic, bold
• Video output for video standard (NTSC, PAL), TV Screen (Widescreen 16:9, Fullscreen 4:3) and DVD Resolution (Full D1, Boradcast D1, Half D1, SIF), or choose automatic for all choices listed above. Also convert video from NTSC to PAL or PAL to NTSC
• Video post processing settings like video resize-pad/cropping and de-interlacing options
• Multilingual support
• Works with 32 and 64bits edition of Windows XP, Vista, 7

Download : VSO ConvertXToDVD Final

PS2 – Seven Samurai 20XX


PS2 – Seven Samurai 20XX
Region: NTSC
Calidad: DVD
Formato: ISO


Part 1Part 2Part 3

Fifa 2010

PS2 – FIFA 2010 Portugues
Idioma: Portugues
Region: NTSC
Calidad: DVD
Formato: ISO
Senha: saints


01ª Parte02ª Parte03ª Parte04ª Parte
05ª Parte06ª Parte07ª Parte08ª Parte
09ª Parte10ª Parte11ª Parte12ª Parte
13ª Parte14ª Parte15ª Parte16ª Parte
17ª Parte18ª Parte19ª Parte20ª Parte
21ª Parte

SWiSH Max 3.0.2009.11.30

SWiSH Max 3.0.2009.11.30
SWiSH Max3 - The Ultimate Flash Creation Tool

  • Advanced Flash Creation Tool For The Graphic Artist Or Web Professional
  • Creates Stunning Flash Animations and Websites with Ease
  • Includes over 350 Preset Multimedia Effects
  • Includes over 180 Ready-to-use Components and Vector Shapes
  • Import Images, Graphics, Sound and Video from all popular formats
  • Export Presentations to Flash, Video, EXE, GIF Animation or Image Sequence
  • Powerful Scripting Language for Advanced Users
  • Tools to Control Motion, Draw Shapes, Edit Text, and more
  • NEW! Project templates - Instant Results Using the Wizard Panel
  • NEW! Drawing Tools - Shape Operations, Knife Tool, Component Tool
  • NEW! Improved Motion Path - Editable Bezier Curves, Convert a Shape to Path.

more info @http://www.swishzone.com/

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Poster Printer (ProPoster) 3.01.08

Poster Printer (ProPoster) 3.01.08
ProPoster is software for big banner printing, sign printing, poster printing, mural printing, wall photo printing. ProPoster does not require special plotters, it simply prints on standard printers. Any picture, digital photo, Microsoft Word document, Excel spreadsheet can be used as a source for the multipage poster. Also, it is possible to print a poster from a scanner.
You can use some powerful graphic program for poster printing, if you have special knowledge and skills. But ProPoster is convenient, simple and intuitive poster software that will free you from unnecessary work. Simply select an image and the software will automatically divide it into the necessary number of pages. To create a poster, you will also need glue, scissors and a bit of skill.

screenshot_1.jpg (103 KB) screenshot_2.jpg (83 KB)

Make a great poster yourself! It should not necessarily be your favorite picture or digital photo, advertising banner or any tables and graphics. Just use your imagination. Let it be something unique, maybe even the result of your creativity. Show your own poster to your friends, they will be amazed for sure.

  • Large poster printing with the size up to 10 x 10 meters
  • Supporting various image formats (bmp, gif, jpg, wmf, emf)
  • Supporting copying data from standard Windows applications
  • Acquiring images from Twain-sources (digital camera)
  • Previewing posters in real scale with high quality (1 : 1)
  • Supporting Metric and Imperial measurement units (mm, cm, inch)
  • Multilingual interface
  • Standard poster format templates (DIN A0, A1, A2)
  • Automatically orienting pages and adjusting the poster size to fit paper sheets
  • Printing out the necessary part without the whole poster printing

Windows 2000, Windows XP (32 & 64), Windows Vista (32 & 64), Windows 7 (32 & 64).
more info @http://www.ronyasoft.com/products/proposter/

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Infix PDF Editor Pro 4.16

Infix PDF Editor Pro 4.16
Simply Edit Any PDF
Most PDFs just contain fragments of text - just a few words at a time. Other PDF editors allow you to edit each fragment individually.
Infix is the only PDF editor that intelligently re-creates the original content so that you can edit it in the way you would expect. It uses a set of intelligent algorithms to recreate the original structure of the document. This means you can edit a PDF just like you would a Word document.

Nothing comes close to Infix in the arena of PDF editing! Try it and you will agree!

  • Works like a Word Processor
  • Make seamless changes to paragraphs
  • Copy and paste graphics, text and artwork between PDFs
  • Spell-check in five languages
  • Search & replace text in long documents
  • Familiar tab, margin and indent controls

Edit Your Existing PDFs
Reuse your existing documents. Infix removes the need to convert your PDFs into other formats by enabling you to edit them directly.
Edite documentos PDF feitas por qualquer software - Adobe Acrobat Distiller, Microsoft Word - como ele lida com todos eles!
Use the advanced Search and Replace feature to make seamless alterations throughout long documents or across multiple PDFs. It's easy to change product names throughout a manual or amend the headers and footers on every page - tasks that would otherwise take hours or even days to do by hand!
As well as this Infix offers all of the standard editing facilities you would expect such as page cropping, annotation, cut and paste between PDFs, graphics manipulation and more.
Infix Professional offers all of the features of Infix Standard and Form Filler plus the following:

  • Additional tools for working with graphics
    Infix Professional offers additional tools for handling graphic elements such as grouping, hiding and locking of artwork and images. It also adds the ability to manipulate and create clipping masks plus a vertical ruler to allow easier alignment of objects.
  • Place PDF
    Use external PDFs as components in your documents by simply placing them onto the page. Resize, rotate and move as you would any other object.
  • CMYK colour picker and colour catalogue
    Professional artwork relies on CMYK so Infix Pro offers a CMYK colour picker. In addition it includes a dynamic catalogue of all colours used in the document - the swatch catalogue which can be used to maintain a consistent colour palette while editing a document.
  • Whole document translation
    Os documentos de exportação inteira como XML pronto para tradução usando seu software preferido CAT. Em seguida, importar o XML traduzido de volta para o documento. Minimizar a necessidade de ajustar o layout da página.
  • Integration with Infix Server
    Prepare sophisticated templates for use with Infix Server. Tag areas of text for automated replacement using the fielding facility. This also allows you to specify the kind of reflow that will occur during the replacement. You can also tag images for replacement specifying the cropping and alignment to be used.
  • Advanced Text Fitting
    Whether for Infix Server templates or general artwork, advanced text fitting ensures your copy looks its best. Infix offers complete control over fitting allowing you to dictate what metrics are altered during the fitting process. It can even fit text across connected text blocks.
  • Basic pre-flighting
    For piece of mind, Infix Professional can check for low-rez images, non CMYK artwork and overset text using the simple pre-flight checking tool.
  • Search & Replace across documents
    Perform complex search and replace operations across batches of documents. Add entire directories full of PDFs to the batch and set Infix Pro off. It will work through all documents, leaving original documents in-tact and keeping track of any errors or problems during processing.
  • Search and replace by font, colour or size
    More advanced search criteria allow you to limit searches by the size, colour or font used for text. Useful for changing text in headers/footers without disturbing similar content in the main body of a document.
  • Conversion of text to outlines
    For guaranteed printing success or to stop any further edits of a document, Infix pro can convert all contained text into vectors.
  • Lock-down document elements
    Produce PDFs for clients with restrictions allowing objects to be moved only vertically (to ensure alignment isn't altered), restrict the colour palette that can be used and the fonts that may be employed.

more info @http://www.iceni.com/infix-pro.htm

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Virtual CD

Virtual CD
Virtualize your CDs, DVD, HD DVDs and Blu-ray Discs and get the fastest possible access to your data, both locally and over the network
Virtual CD creates images of your optical media, so you can use them at any time without having the physical medium on hand. Your data is available exactly as if the medium was in the drive, without the disadvantages attendant, for example, on network shares. The images created can be stored on a server to enable simultaneous access by multiple users. When creating an image, you have the option of selecting the level of compression and, if desired, even encryption. You get maximum availability of your data, while lost, damaged and stolen media become a thing of the past.

Here is a brief overview of the new features:

  • Certified for Windows 7
  • Completely revised user interface
  • Support for Blu-ray and HD DVD
  • Optimized readout functions for broader compatibility
  • Data safe mode
  • Sound file mode
  • Direct burning functions
  • Direct drive access through desktop icons

Private users

  • No need to change discs manually
  • Up to 23 media simultaneously accessible – unlimited number on the hard drive
  • Faster launch and load times – up to 200 x CD speed
  • Original media protected from loss and damage
  • Conserves laptop battery power
  • Ideal complement to netbooks and other subnotebooks without optical drives
  • Simultaneous access, even in private networks


  • Centralized media library
  • Easy-to-use access controls for all media and users, including usage statistics (with VCD NMS)
  • Fast and easy content serving over the entire network
  • Optimized price structure compared to hardware-based solutions
  • High scalability – up to several thousand users
  • Easy to create individually adapted client setups that enable only specified features

more info @http://www.virtualcd-online.com

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Kill Bill


Kill Bill: Volume 1

A Noiva (Uma Thurman) é uma perigosa assassina, que trabalha em um grupo liderado por Bill (David Carradine) e que é composto principalmente por mulheres. Ela está prestes a se casar com Bill, mas no dia de seu casamento seu noivo e companheiras de trabalho se voltam contra ela, quase a matando. Ela fica 5 anos em coma, até despertar com um único desejo: vingança.

Kill Bill: Volume 1 CD 1:
Parte 1 (RS, MU) – Parte 2 (RS, MU) – Parte 3 (RS, MU) – Parte 4 (RS) – Legenda (RS, MU)

Kill Bill: Volume 1 CD 2:
Parte 1 (RS, MU) – Parte 2 (RS) – Parte 3 (RS) – Parte 4 (RS) – Legenda (RS)

Kill Bill: Volume 2

Após ser traída por Bill (David Carradine) e seu antigo grupo, uma mulher (Uma Thurman) fica à beira da morte por 4 anos. Após despertar do coma ela parte em busca de vingança, indo atrás de cada um dos seus antigos companheiros para matá-los.

Kill Bill: Volume 2 CD 1:
Parte 1 (RS, MU) – Parte 2 (RS) – Parte 3 (RS) – Parte 4 (RS) – Legenda (RS)

Kill Bill: Volume 2 CD 2:
Parte 1 (RS, MU) – Parte 2 (RS, MU) – Parte 3 (RS) – Parte 4 (RS) – Legenda (RS)




Oh Dae-su (Choi Min-sik) é um homem comum, bem casado e pai de uma garota de 3 anos, que é levado a uma delegacia por estar alcoolizado. Ao sair ele liga para casa de uma cabine telefônica e logo em seguida desaparece, dexando como pista apenas o presente de aniversário que havia comprado para a filha. Pouco depois ele percebe estar em uma estranha prisão, que na verdade é um quarto de hotel onde há apenas uma TV ligada, no qual recebe pouca comida na porta e respira um gás que o faz dormir diariamente. Através do noticiário da TV ele descobre que é o principal suspeito do assassinato brutal de sua esposa, o que faz com que tente o suicídio. Sem obter sucesso, ele passa a se adaptar à escuridão de seu quarto e a preparar seu corpo e sua mente para sobreviver à pena que está sendo obrigado a cumprir sem saber o porquê.

Parte 1 (RS) – Parte 2 (RS) – Parte 3 (RS) – Parte 4 (RS) – Legenda (RS)

A Melhor Juventude (La Meglio Gioventù)


A saga de uma família italiana desde o fim dos anos 60 até os dias atuais. Os irmãos Nicola (Luigi Lo Cascio) e Matteo Carati (Alessio Boni) dividem os mesmos sonhos, esperanças, leituras e amizades até o dia em que conhecem Giorgia (Jasmine Trinca), uma garota com distúrbios psíquicos. Nicola começa a militar no movimento estudantil e, mais tarde, se torna um psiquiatra, enquanto Matteo abandona os estudos e entra na polícia. O percurso dos dois e do resto da família é apresentado paralelamente a acontecimentos importantes da história recente da Itália: a inundação de Florença, a luta contra a máfia e os grandes jogos de futebol da seleção nacional.

Download CD 1:
Parte 1 (RS, MU) – Parte 2 (RS, MU) – Parte 3 (RS) – Parte 4 (RS) – Legenda (RS, MU)

Download CD 2:
Parte 1 (RS, MU) – Parte 2 (RS, MU) – Parte 3 (RS) – Parte 4 (RS, MU) – Legenda (RS)

Download CD 3:
Parte 1 (RS, MU) – Parte 2 (RS, MU) – Parte 3 (RS) – Parte 4 (RS, MU) – Legenda (RS, MU)

Download CD 4:
Parte 1 (RS, MU) – Parte 2 (RS, MU) – Parte 3 (RS, MU) – Parte 4 (RS, MU) – Legenda (RS, MU)

Irreversível (Irreversible)


O filme narra, de trás para frente, a história de uma vingança. A primeira seqüência mostra dois amigos desesperados, Marcus (Vincent Cassel) e Pierre (Albert Dupontel), saindo pelo submundo de Paris à procura do homem que teria estuprado e espancado Alex (Monica Bellucci), a atual namorada de Marcus e ex-namorada de Pierre. Em seguida, a narrativa volta passo a passo no tempo para mostrar como Marcus e Pierre descobriram o nome do autor do crime, recuando até o próprio estupro e os eventos que o antecederam.

Parte 1 (RS) – Parte 2 (RS) – Parte 3 (RS) – Parte 4 (RS) – Legenda (RS, MU)

Fale Com Ela (Hable Con Ella)


Em Madri vive Benigno Martin (Javier Cámara), um enfermeiro cujo apartamento fica diante de uma academia de balé, comandada por Katerina Bilova (Geraldine Chaplin). Ele fica freqüentemente na janela da sua casa, vendo com especial atenção uma das estudantes de Katerina, Alicia Roncero (Leonor Watling), por quem está apaixonado. Benigno chega ao ponto de marcar uma consulta com o pai dela, uma psiquiatra que tem um consultório na própria casa, só para ter uma chance de falar com Alicia, mas agora só consegue lhe dar um susto. Antes, porém, Benigno entrou no quarto dela e olhou o recinto com admiração, tendo roubado um prendedor de cabelos dela. Quando Alicia é ferida em um acidente de carro, que a deixa em um coma, é internada no hospital onde Benigno trabalha. Ele passa a cuidar dela, mas a atenção que dispensa com Alicia é totalmente acima do normal. Além disto Benigno fala com ela o tempo todo, movido por um misto de fé e amor, pois crê que de alguma forma ela possa ouvir. Após quatro anos, o quadro dela está inalterado e a dedicação que Benigno sente por ela também. Marco Zuluaga (Darío Grandinetti), um jornalista, é designado para entrevistar Lydia Gonzalez (Rosario Flores), uma conhecida toureira que teve o nome nos tablóides ao ter um tempestuoso romance com “El Nino de Valência” , um toureiro. Inicialmente ela foi ríspida, mas após ele ter matado uma cobra que estava na casa dela se tornou mais amável. Logo os dois iniciam uma relação, que estava destinada a ser curta, pois Lydia é atingida por um touro e considerada clinicamente morta. Por coincidência ela é internada no mesmo hospital onde está Alicia e logo Benigno e Marco ficam amigos, pois no início Marco nem conseguia tocar em Lydia, mas recebeu de Benigno um simples conselho: fale com ela.

Parte 1 (RS) – Parte 2 (RS, MU) – Parte 3 (RS, MU) – Parte 4 (RS) – Legenda (RS, MU)

Cidade de Deus


Buscapé (Alexandre Rodrigues) é um jovem pobre, negro e muito sensível, que cresce em um universo de muita violência. Buscapé vive na Cidade de Deus, favela carioca conhecida por ser um dos locais mais violentos da cidade. Amedrontado com a possibilidade de se tornar um bandido, Buscapé acaba sendo salvo de seu destino por causa de seu talento como fotógrafo, o qual permite que siga carreira na profissão. É através de seu olhar atrás da câmera que Buscapé analisa o dia-a-dia da favela onde vive, onde a violência aparenta ser infinita.

Download CD 1:
Parte 1 (RS, MU) – Parte 2 (RS, MU) – Parte 3 (RS, MU) – Parte 4 (RS, MU)

Download CD 2:
Parte 1 (RS, MU) – Parte 2 (RS) – Parte 3 (RS) – Parte 4 (RS, MU)

Geração Roubada (Rabbit-Proof Fence)

E se o governo sequestrasse a sua filha? Molly Craig (Everlyn Sampi) é uma jovem negra australiana de 14 anos que, em 1931, ao lado de sua irmã Daisy (Tianna Sansbury), de 10 anos, e sua prima Gracie (Laura Monaghan), de 8 anos, foge de um campo do governo britânico da Austrália, criado para treinar mulheres aborígines para serem empregadas domésticas. Molly guia as meninas por quase três mil quilômetros através do interior do país, em busca da cerca que o divide e que a permitiria voltar para sua aldeia de origem, de onde foram tiradas dos braços de suas mães. Na jornada elas são perseguidas pelos homens do terrível governador A. O. Neville (Kenneth Branagh), o qual não admite que as meninas não estejam de acordo com o ditado pela sabedoria branca e cristã.

Parte 1 (RS, MU) – Parte 2 (RS) – Parte 3 (RS, MU) – Parte 4 (RS, MU) – Legenda (RS)

O Pianista (The Pianist)


O pianista polonês Wladyslaw Szpilman (Adrien Brody) interpretava peças clássicas em uma rádio de Varsóvia quando as primeiras bombas caíram sobre a cidade, em 1939. Com a invasão alemã e o início da 2ª Guerra Mundial, começaram também restrições aos judeus poloneses pelos nazistas. Inspirado nas memórias do pianista, o filme mostra o surgimento do Gueto de Varsóvia, quando os alemães construíram muros para encerrar os judeus em algumas áreas, e acompanha a perseguição que levou à captura e envio da família de Szpilman para os campos de concentração. Wladyslaw é o único que consegue fugir e é obrigado a se refugiar em prédios abandonados espalhados pela cidade, até que o pesadelo da guerra acabe.

Parte 1 (RS, MU) – Parte 2 (RS, MU) – Parte 3 (RS, MU) – Parte 4 (RS, MU) – Legenda (RS)

Smart PC 4.5.1

Smart PC 4.5.1
Advanced PC Optimization Suite
Smart PC makes your PC faster, error-free and more efficient! Smart PC ensures your personal privacy while surfing through the Web and protects your PC from information theft.
Fix up your PC!
You can fix your computer by yourself. Use the software to detect, diagnose and repair all types of PC problems. Regular use of the software will keep your computer running smooth and error-free without system failure.
Clean up your PC!
Normal operation of your PC generates lots of junk files some of which contain private information. The software easily detects useless junk and safely removes it reclaiming valuable disk space, ensuring personal privacy and security.

pc_optimization1.jpg (134 KB) pc_optimization2.jpg (135 KB) pc_optimization3.jpg (128 KB)

Optimize your PC!
Do you want to make your computer more powerful? The software can drastically quicken Window's startup time and the performance of all applications.
Protect against Identity Theft - Clean up your tracks
Operations you perform with your computer are recorded and may be exposed to unauthorized disclosure without your knowledge. The Ensure Personal Privacy tool helps you to maintain your personal privacy.
Compatible Platforms: Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/Windows® 7
more info @http://smartpctools.com/smartpc

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3D-Coat 3.3.00A SIMP/CUDA WIN32/WIN64

3D-Coat 3.2.11 SIMP/CUDA
3D-Coat is an innovative application providing an array of tools for 3D model sculpting, detailing and coloring. Featuring the groundbreaking voxel sculpting technology, 3D-Coat V3 truly opens a new page in the field of 3D art and design.
3D-Coat v3.3 featuring Ptex support released

  • Ptex is a texture mapping system developed by Walt Disney Animation Studios for production-quality rendering. Its main features include:
  • No UV assignment is required! Ptex applies a separate texture to each face of a subdivision or polygon mesh.
  • The Ptex file format can efficiently store hundreds of thousands of texture images in a single file.

The Ptex API provides cached file I/O and high-quality filtering - everything that is needed to easily add Ptex support to a production-quality renderer or texture authoring application. (Sourced from http://ptex.us).
Ptex technology allows you to increase local texture resolution on selected faces, so you can achieve a high level of detailing on a very tiny part of the mesh.
3D-Coat allows you to paint your assets with this new Ptex system and simply export textures in specified Ptex file format or as a simple texture to render in your favorite render engine like you normally do with UV-set based textures. Thus, you can get absolutely seamless textures!
General changes:

  • Special simple method for external programmers to make connector between 3D - application and 3D-Coat has been done.
  • Possibility to create/install 3d-coat extensions from File menu. Extension may contain any sort of files - shaders, pens, strips, materials, masks etc. It is just an image of additional files in 3D-Coat's folder. It is a good method to share 3D-Coat's content. The first extension pack was made due to Oliver Thornton! (Download the Pack)
  • Possibility to upload screenshots right from the 3D-Coat onto the web server. It is very useful for sharing your experience with the community.
  • Framing improved - you can focus on object or on pen position (scaling depends on radius in this case).
  • Text information about current viewport - front/back/left/right.... is being displayed now.
  • Now you can assign several actions to the same hotkeys combination. Actions will be performed in consecutive order after each next activation.
  • Improved 3DConnexion support.
  • Fade on edges in pen options will act on all pens simultaneously.
  • Support of big 3B files to open (>4GB)
  • Lots of bug-fixes and small improvements.

Paint Mode changes:

  • Possibility to pan in texture view with SPACE as in Photoshop. You should choose 3D-Coat preset from [Camera] menu.
  • Drawing with CAPS LOCK will hide cursor only while painting, not always. It improves precision of painting and gives better control.
  • "Frame" command will move pivot point to the center of the object (and framing itself of course) in custom pivot point mode.
  • Much better correspondence between Voxel room and baked color in Paint room.
  • Support of multiple SL objects in a scene.
  • Splines/Lines in E-panel will not dive into surface in paint room. In such a way you can easily draw over curved surfaces.
  • Much better algorithm for limit subdivision surface directly after importing model for microvertex painting and Ptex. Model after import will look much closer to the limit subdivision surface.
  • Better padding for PSD files export.
  • Normal-map strength in per-pixel mode can be corrected with Depth modulator slider in layer blending panel.
  • Eraser will lower normal-map strength when applied over the normal-map layer.

Retopo Mode changes:

  • Quadrangulation quality and speed improved.
  • In Retopo->select tool Relax will act only on vertices selected in Retopo->Select->Verices. Snap button will work in the same way.
  • “Turn off snapping” button in retopo tool.
  • Snapping essentially improved! You may choose one of 3 methods of snapping: outer, nearest along normal, absolutely nearest.

Voxel Mode changes:

  • New Measure tool in voxels:
    It allows to measure and define everything in Voxel Mode using physical units like inches or meters. It is extremely useful for real production and prototyping.
  • Improved 3D grid. It can be customized to work with real units. 3D-Coat will fit much better for precise works.
  • Voxel primitives will follow grid points while moved with SHIFT (use CTRL, CTRL+SHIFT for smaller step of movement).
  • New Pick tool for voxels. It is very helpful if you have many layers and want to select current object visually without VoxTree.
  • Lines/curves in 'E' panel will not dive into surface in Voxel mode.
  • Improved cylinder-like manipulator.
  • Selection opacity slider was added to pose tool.

more info @http://www.3d-coat.com/

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| Win32 Edition | Win64 Edition |
| Win32 Edition | Win64 Edition |
| Win32 Edition | Win64 Edition |
| Win32 Edition | Win64 Edition |

VariCAD 2010 2.07

VariCAD 2010 2.07
VariCAD is a 3D/2D CAD system for mechanical engineering.
In addition to standard tools for 3D modeling and 2D drafting, the CAD system provides support for parameters and geometric constraints, tools for shells, pipelines, sheet metal unbending and crash tests, assembly support, libraries of standard mechanical parts (ANSI, DIN) and symbols, mechanical part calculations and tools for working with bills of materials (BOM) and title blocks. VariCAD supports STEP, STL, IGES, DWG and DXF file formats.
The comprehensive CAD software enables designers to quickly create, evaluate, and modify their models. It is compact, fast, easy to use, and provides everything one needs for mechanical design. The CAD system is sold "fully loaded", including all features and functions, for one affordable price.

Image Hosting by Picoodle.com Image Hosting by Picoodle.com Image Hosting by Picoodle.com

User Interface and System Environment
VariCAD's Graphical User Interface (GUI) has been designed to allow quick and intuitive 3D/2D orientation. We carefully tailored and tuned the GUI to reflect the thought process of a designer, so that ideas can be captured and communicated with a minimal number of steps. All commands were created with a focus on ease of use. An intelligent cursor, numerous detection and selection modes, 2D construction lines, and the orthogonal grid are just some of the tools that make working with VariCAD so easy.
You can start by creating a 3D model and then use it to automatically create drawings files, or you can draw only in 2D. Designing in 3D is generally more "natural," in that it closely represents actual parts and assemblies. The 3D approach is usually more intuitive than 2D drafting. Models created in 3D are easily converted into conventional 2D documentation.
3D Modeling
VariCAD provides a library of basic 3D solids (prism, cylinder, cone, etc.), which are easily modified by editing the original profile or parameters. Solids can also easily be created by profile rotation, extrusion, or lofting. More complex tools include rotation blending between two profiles, lofting between a circle and rectangle, and creation of helical surfaces.
Solids can be added or subtracted, thus forming Boolean trees representing real mechanical parts. Boolean operations have options for automatic trimming, or automatic removal of subtracted volumes. Predefined operations like hole drilling, face milling, groove milling and edge beveling/filleting are also available. Boolean trees are very easy to edit.
3D Tools - Assemblies, Groups, Parts etc.
VariCAD also provides tools for assembly support. If the link between a part and assembly is defined, any changes made to the part file are reflected in the assembly file and vice-versa. Linked copies can also be defined. In this case, editing of one object causes all its linked copies to be updated. Solid groups can be defined as well, making selection and visibility changes simple for multiple objects.
Crash Tests (Interferences)
One excellent feature of 3D modeling is component interference checking. VariCAD can check 3D assemblies for possible collisions (overlapping volume) between components.
VariCAD can calculate 2D section area, surface area, volume, mass, center of gravity, and moment of gyration. A library of mechanical calculations is also included, for standard parts used every day by mechanical designers. These mechanical parts include tension and compression springs, pre-stressed bolted connections, pins and parallel keys, grooved shafts, bearings, beams under combined stress (bending and torsion), spur and bevel gearing geometry, and belt drives.
Surface Development (Sheet Metal Unbending)
VariCAD can also create developed (flattened) surfaces of 3D solids. The XY coordinates of the developed surfaces can be saved to a text file for further processing. You can input bending coefficients in order to customize your calculations.
Mechanical Part and Symbol Libraries
VariCAD contains libraries of standard mechanical parts (ANSI, DIN), such as bolts, nuts, pins, plugs, cotters, gaskets, bearings, rolled and drawn shapes, and hydraulic, pneumatic, and electronic symbols. You can add items to these libraries or modify existing parts - all 2D and most 3D dimensions can be edited.
Non-graphical information can also be assigned to parts, such as type of material or supplier. This information is incorporated into an assembly and can be used for material requisitions, bills of materials (BOM), title blocks, or other purposes.
3D - 2D Export
3D models are easily converted into 2D drawings to produce conventional drafting documentation. You can create 2D views of one or more selected solids by defining the views in 3D. In addition, you can also export specified sections. VariCAD supports updates of a 2D drawing after changes in 3D.
2D Drawing and Editing
Drawing functions are geared toward easy use in engineering. Some handy features of 2D drawing include: an intelligent cursor that automatically detects objects and snap points, numerous snap modes, flexible item selectability, auxiliary construction lines, ortho mode, rectangular grid, drawing layers (up to 250), block creation, hatching with automatic border detection, advanced dimensioning, surface texture symbols, welding symbols, tolerance symbols, and more. Dimensions can be in millimeters or inches.
BOM and Title Blocks
VariCAD provides tools for maintaining drawing databases, which represent the data structure of the product. Databases can be created manually (using data extraction from the assembly), or by loading a file. There are constraints between data in part and assembly drawing title blocks and the assembly database. You can build a bill of material (BOM) from the database, then easily modify the database using commands like mass attribute changes, sorting of information, etc.
The data structure of the product (BOM) can be exported into other systems or into a spreadsheet. Automatic BOM and title block creation is another one of VariCAD's useful tools. A mask is used for customization; if you create masks for BOM and title blocks, you can use them until a change is necessary. The CAD system provides default masks which can be adjusted to suit your needs.
VariCAD can interchange files with other CAD systems. You can import STEP (3D), DWG (2D), DXF (2D) and IGES (2D) files, and export STEP (3D), STL (3D), IGES (3D and 2D), DWG (2D), DXF (2D). The files can be converted individually or in batch routines, thereby converting multiple files in one step.
Printing and Plotting
Printing within VariCAD is highly customizable. You can use Windows or KDE Linux printer drivers, or VariCAD built-in drivers. Postscript printing is also available.
VariCAD is a total CAD solution for mechanical engineering. It is compact, fast, easy to use, and contains everything you need for mechanical engineering design. The high performance and powerful tools of our fully loaded package make VariCAD a superb investment. And at our price, no other product is a better value.
more info @http://www.varicad.com/

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quarta-feira, 2 de junho de 2010

Amalia Rodrigues - 1997 Segredo (1965-1975)

Artista/Grupo: Amalia Rodrigues
Album: Segredo (1965-1975) - 1997
Bitrate: CBR 160 Kbps/44.1 kHz/Stereo

Musicas/Track Listings:
01. Medo
02. Primavera
03. As Maos que trago
04. Longe Daqui
05. Minha Boca Nao se Atreve
06. Amor sem Casa
07. Verde Pino, Verde Mastro
08. Nao e Desgraca ser Pobre
09. E da Torre Mais Alta
10. Abril
11. Procura
12. Cansaco


Stevie Wonder - 1963 The 12 Year Old: Genius

Artista/Grupo: Stevie Wonder
Album: The 12 Year Old: Genius - 1963
Bitrate: CBR 128 Kbps/44.1 kHz/Stereo

Musicas/Track Listings:
01 - Fingertips (Live)
02 - Soul Bongo (Live)
03 - La La La La La (Live)
04 - (I'm Afraid) The Masquerade Is
05 - Hallelujah I Love Her So (Live)
06 - Drown In My Own Tears (Live)
07 - Don't You Know (Live)


Tony Bennett & Count Basie - 1959 Strike Up The Band [Vinyl-Mono]

Artista/Grupo: Tony Bennett & Count Basie
Album: Strike Up The Band [Vinyl-Mono] - 1959
Bitrate: CBR 320 Kbps/48.0 kHz/Mono

Musicas/Track Listings:
01 - Strike Up The Band
02 - I Guess I'll Have To Change My Plans
03 - Chicago
04 - With Plenty Of Money And You
05 - Anything Goes
06 - Life Is A Song
07 - I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face
08 - Jeepers Creepers
09 - Growing Pains
10 - Poor Little Rich Girl
11 - Are You Havin' Any Fun


Tony Bennett - 1963 Tony Bennett Meets Gene Krupa

Artista/Grupo: Tony Bennet & Gene Krupa
Album: Tony Bennett Meets Gene Krupa - 1963
Bitrate: CBR 192 Kbps/ 44.1 kHz/Mono

Musicas/Track Listings:
01 - Program 1 Begin
02 - Dark Eyes [
Gene Krupa]
03 – Chat
04 - Have I Told You Lately [
Tony Bennett]
05 – Chat
06 - April in Paris [
Tony Bennett]
07 – Chat
08 - Flying Home [
Gene Krupa]
09 - Program 1 Out
10 - Program 2 Begin
11 - Just In Time [
Tony Bennett]
12 – Chat
13 - September Song [
Gene Krupa]
14 – Chat
15 - I Left My Heart In San Francisco [
Tony Bennett]
16 – Chat
17 - Big Noise From Wiinnetka [
Gene Krupa]

18 - Program 3 Start
19 - Sometimes I'm Happy [
Tony Bennett]
20 – Chat
21 - I've Got The World On A String [
Gene Krupa]
22 – Chat
23 - Small World Isn't It [
Tony Bennett]
24 – Chat
25 - Stompin' At The Savoy [
Gene Krupa]
26 - Progam 4 Start
27 – Caravan [
Gene Krupa]
28 – Chat
29 – Sunday [
Tony Bennett]
30 – Chat
31 – Tenderly [
Gene Krupa]
32 – Chat
33 - Fascinatin' Rhythm [
Tony Bennett]
34 – Chat


Coletânea – São João no brejo vol 2


Colaboração do DJ Cris, de São Paulo – SP

Dessa raríssima coletânea participam Jackson do Pandeiro, Almira Castilho, Borrachinha, Alventino Cavalcante e Zé Calixto.

Produção de João Mello, destaque para “Canjica no Cordeiro” de autoria de Sebastião Rozendo e Fernando Silva, na interpretação de Borrachinha.

Coletânea – São João no brejo vol.2

01 Jackson do Pandeiro – Vamos chegar pra lá (Almira Castilho)
02 Zé Calixto – Ah! Tempinho bom (Luiz Guimarães)
03 Almira Castilho – Sanfoneiro de vocês (Carlos Diniz – J. Nilo)
04 Jackson do Pandeiro – Fuá em João Alfredo (Zé Catraca – Francisco F. de Paula)
05 Borrachinha – Arrasta–pé no riachão (Eufrázio de Souza – Borrachinha)
06 Alventino Cavalcante – O homem e o balão (Alventino Cavalcante – Luciano de Carvalho – J. Ferreira)
07 Zé Calixto – Temperou o fole (Dilson Dória – Zé Calixto)
08 Jackson do Pandeiro – Meu fole velho (Elino Julião – Elias Soares)
09 Alventino Cavalcante – No forró de Xavier (Severino Ramos – Luciano de Carvalho)
10 Jackson do Pandeiro – Canoeiro novo (João Silva – Raimundo Evangelista)
11 Borrachinha – Canjica no Cordeiro (Sebastião Rozendo – Fernando Silva)
12 Zé Calixto – Atiça a fogueira (Zé Calixto – Carlos Poyares)

Para baixar esse disco, clique aqui

Luiz Gonzaga – 1968 Meus Sucessos Com Humberto Teixeira

01. Baião
02. Asa Branca
03. Lorota Boa
04. Mangaratiba
05. Assum Preto
06. Juazeiro
07. Paraíba
08. Xanduzinha
09. Qui Nem Jiló
10. Estrada Do Canindé
11. Respeita Januário
12. No Meu Pé De Serra
Download: Megaupload