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Tune Up Utilities 2011 + Working Serials


Tune Up Utilities 2011 + Working Serials

Tune Up Utilities 2011 + Working Serials | 18.99MB

TuneUp Utilities - package of tools for full service operating system Windows. New version now fully supports Windows 7. With this program you can clean the disks of dust, remove invalid entries from the registry and defragment it, optimize memory, manage startup, delete all files from the disk with the utility TuneUp Shredder, recover deleted files, change the look of Windows and more .

All utilities in this package integrated into a single graphical environment. The package combines the important functions for system optimization, configuration, cleaning and maintenance in a modern graphical user interface. In addition to supporting Windows 7, the new version has been completely redesigned user interface and, according to the developers, the program has become more convenient and easy to use.
Opportunities TuneUp Utilities:
"A powerful disk defragmenter
"Optimization of system startup, the accelerated Internet and run Windows
"Quick clean up the hard drive
"Efficient cleaning system from debris
"Fully automatic cleaning
"Efficient cleaning the registry of the outdated and unwanted entries
"Effective help in solving many problems in Windows
"An effective tool to recover deleted data
"Complete removal of data, without the possibility of recovery
"Tweaking Windows
"The modern graphical user interface
If Needed
Password: Lload



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