terça-feira, 11 de maio de 2010

Origami Myths & Legends

Origami Myths & Legends

96 Pages | English | PDF | 18.6 MB

The fantastic creatures in this beautiful and colorful collection may exist only in storybooks-but with some paper, simple origami folds, and Duy Nguyen’s incredibly detailed illustrations as a guide, they can spring to life right in your hands. Some come from Greek mythology: the mysterious Sphinx; Cerberus, the fierce dog that guards the underworld; and Medusa, with her snaky locks and deadly looks. Others, including Shiva Nataraja, have their origins in Indian legend. Magical fairy tale characters, such as a mermaid, unicorn, and dragon, populate the pages, too. All the basic folds and symbols needed for the origami figures appear right up front, fully diagrammed and easy to follow.



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