sexta-feira, 14 de maio de 2010

VCD & DVD Cutter Professional v4.1.3.0

VCDCutter Pro is a video player(MPEG/DVD/VCD/AVI/OGG). It can control the playback of video file conveniently and friendly. VCDCut Pro main features include: support slide show play of picture file; grab picture when you play video file; clip admiring video segment; generate video file screen shot; on-line video broadcast; and also send the playing video frame/picture to self-contained simulated video Webcam; and offering a wide variety of other functions.

IT CAN CUT DVDs AS WELL ! VCDCut Pro is also a software simulated Webcam. It can be simulated into a virtual Webcam and used in Biliao, Liaoliao, EPH, QQ, MSN, NetMeeting, UC, and other software/chat room, for playing movie.

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