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Passware Kit Enterprise 9.7.1665

Passware Kit Enterprise 9.7.1665
A complete password recovery solution for more than 150 file formats.
Reduce time spent on recovering passwords and get more control over corporate security.
Key Features:

  • Recovers passwords for 180+ file types and decrypts hard disks New! providing an all-in-one user interface
  • Scans computers for password-protected files (Encryption Analyzer included)
  • Includes 1-year Subscription to updates
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General Features

  • Instantly recovers many password types
  • Instantly decrypts MS Word and Excel files up to version 2003 (5 Credits for Decryptum attack included)
  • Resets passwords for Local and Domain Windows Administrators instantly
  • Recovers encryption keys for hard drives protected with BitLocker in minutes New!
  • Decrypts TrueCrypt volumes in minutes New!
  • Provides 8 different password recovery attacks (and any combination of them) with an easy-to-use setup wizard and drag & drop attacks editor
  • Supports Distributed Password Recovery Beta!
  • Uses multiple-core CPUs and nVidia GPUs efficiently to speed up the password recovery process by 3,500%
  • Uses Tableau TACC hardware accelerators to speed up the password recovery process by up to 25 times New!

Benefits for IT Professionals
This complete password recovery solution provides corporate security administrators with the full control over employees’ computers and files. System administrators, IT professionals and help desk personnel can now get access to any business file whenever required. Many types of passwords are recovered or reset instantly, while advanced acceleration methods are used to recover difficult passwords.
Password recovery Programs - Legality
Password recovery programs offered are designed for legal purposes and they are legal as long as you use them for legal purposes. Thus, you can use this product provided that you are the legal owner of all files or data you are going to recover through the use of software or have the right or permission from the legitimate owner to perform these acts. Any illegal use of our software will be solely your responsibility.
Accordingly, you affirm that you have the legal right to access all data, information and files that have been hidden.
You further attest that the recovered data, passwords and/or files will not be used for any illegal purpose. Be aware that illicit password recovery and the data decryption of unauthorized or otherwise illegally obtained files may constitute theft or another wrongful action and may result in your civil and/or criminal prosecution.
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