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Shirley Bassey – 1961 Shirley

Here's that gal again! Just short of two years since Columbia released her first album, "The Fabulous Shirley Bassey". Now she's recognisable simply by her christian name -- "Shirley".

Since that first album a number of hit songs have given her entrance to some of the greatest entertainment centers of the world -- the Astor Club and Adelphi Theater in London, Cafe de Paris, El Rancho in Las Vegas and Ciro's in Hollywood. She's toured Sweden, Holland, Belgium and played at the Sporting Club in Monte Carlo and eventually in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia. In those days that sort of exposure in such a relatively short time only came to those with star quality.

While this was Bassey's second release for Columbia, it was actually her fourth studio album. Her debut album comprising traditional blues songs was called "Born to Sing the Blues" and was released on a 10" LP in 1957 by Philips Records. I'm always on the lookout for this disc, but it's extremely rare and very hard to track down.

Must mention that the top track for me on this vinyl is "There Will Never Be Another You" (side 2, track 2). I've loved that ballad ever since hearing Nancy Wilson's version. Have included Nancy singing it on my Kelly's Kool Kompilations 1 & 2 on this blog. Do a download and take a listen!

Think I've made a better job of ripping and processing this disc than yesterday's "Fabulous Bassey". For "Shirley" I used different settings on Click Repair. It's not perfect, but not so noisy. Plan to reprocess and re-post"Fabulous" with the new settings soon.


Side 1:
01) In The Still Of The Night
02) Let There Be Love
03) All At Once
04) For Every Man There's A Woman
05) I'm In The Mood For Love
06) So In Love

Side 2:
01) If I Were A Bell
02) There Will Never Be Another You
03) Hooray For Love
04) Too Late Now
05) I'm Shooting High
06) Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye


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