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Jimmie Lunceford - 1939 (CC 532)

01 - Baby Won't You Please Come Home (Warfield, Williams)
02 - You're Just a Dream (Gaillard)
03 - The Lonesome Road (Austin, Shilkret)
04 - You Set Me on Fire (Colwell, McKinnon)
05 - I've Only Myself to Blame (Tinturin)
06 - What Is This Thing Called Swing? (Gardner, Hecht)
07 - Mixup (Oliver)
08 - Shoemaker's Holiday (MacKay, Raye)
09 - Blue Blazes (Nowlin, Oliver)
10 - Mandy, Make up Your Mind (Clarke, Johnston, Meyer, Turk)
11 - Easter Parade (Berlin)
12 - Ain't She Sweet (Ager, Yellen)
13 - White Heat (Hudson)
14 - Oh Why, Oh Why (Bass, Hecht)
15 - Well, All Right Then (Lunceford)
16 - You Let Me Down (Colwell, MacKinnon)
17 - I Love You (Archer, Thompson)
18 - Who Did You Meet Last Night? (Cunmingham, Robertson, Shuster)
19 - You Let Me Down (Colwell, MacKinnon)
20 - Sassin' the Boss (Adams, McKinnon, Wagner)
21 - I Want the Waiter (With the Water) (Werner, Werner)
22 - I Used to Love You (But It's All over Now) (Brown, VonTilzer)
23 - Belgium Stomp (Moore)
24 - You Can Fool Some of the People (Some of the Time) (Feather)
25 - Think of Me Little Daddy (Whiteman)
26 - Liza (All the Clouds'll Roll Away) (Gershwin, Gershwin, Kahn)

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Review by Scott Yanow, All Music Guide
For this Classics CD, most of the Jimmie Lunceford Orchestra's earlier Vocalion recordings (owned by Columbia) are reissued. The loss of Sy Oliver in August 1939 (he was lured away by Tommy Dorsey) would soon hurt the band but they were still using Oliver's arrangemetns in the last session. "Baby, Won't You Please Come Home," "What Is This Thing Called Swing," a classic rendition of "Ain't She Sweet," "Well, All Right Then" and "Belgium Stomp" are among the more memorable selections on this CD which also has a few typically inferior Dan Grissom ballad vocals. Swing fans will want all of these CDs even if they do not include Lunceford's alternate takes.

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