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Stan Getz & Gerry Mulligan Getz Meets Mulligan In Hi-Fi 1957

01 Let's Fall In Love
02 Anything Goes
03 Too Close For Comfort
04 That Old Feeling
05 This Can't Be Love
06 Ballad
07 Scrapple From The Apple
08 I Didn't Know What Time It Was

Stan Getz (ts, bars)
Gerry Mulligan (bars, ts)
Lou Levy (p)
Ray Brown (b)
Stan Levey (d)
Los Angeles, CA, October 12, 1957

"Jazz is our delight brother cats. Life is so boring sometimes that you and I, my jazz friends, deserve to take a pause and enjoy the marvel of music to lift us up. You can't find a more delightful listening experience than this encounter between Getz and Jeru. It is fantastic believe me. This record is something that when I turn back to it, it makes me discover again why I love jazz. It has been one of the first jazz albums I did buy, something like 15 years ago ... it's still refreshing after all these years. It is light, funny, swinging, splendid ... it is simply one of the best examples of Jazz you can find out there. Jazz the fifties way of course, not that thing that today some people call jazz that is unbelievably boring. This is Jazz. And you can't stop to stomp your feet. You have a fantastic rhythm section, Stan Levey and Ray Brown, boy oh boy, so the swingin' guaranteed . Lou Levey played the piano (one of the best in the west coast movement). Than you have a couple of the best soloists that EVER graced the history of Jazz music, Stan Getz and Gerry Mulligan (The man who plays the bars, nothing more to add here). The program begins with the splendid "Let's fall in love" and it's all there. They're all swingers except for the wonderful tune "A ballad" which is, of course, a ballad. You even have a Charlie Parker number, Scrapple. The joy of swing, a music that these guys plays perfectly, light as butterflies, deep as oceans. THEY'RE TRUE MASTER!!! Every tune is a master interpretations. Than Stan and Jeru change horns and demonstrate to us (if necessary) how good they could play with another type of instrument. It is simply a perfect album, jazz-cats, if you don't own it... YOU SHOULD. YOU SHOULD. "
"Stan & Gerry play beautifully on this recording. Their energy is infectious, their sound is full, and their ideas are spontaneous and creative. On almost all the cuts you'll hear Stan & Gerry improvising on the same chorus. They do it so well you almost don't realize it's happening unless you really listen. This kind of playing is impossible without the big ears both these guys had. The rhythm section is great as well, but the horns are what stand out in my memory."


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