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Advanced Defrag v4.5.0.20100426


Advanced Defrag
Enhancing Windows system efficiency, accelerating program running, speeding up files access.
Maybe you seldom notice the fragments in your computer, sometimes it is the right reason for many troublesome PC problems like computer slowing down, system crashes. Want to defrag your hard disk but tired of the laggardly Windows defragment? Go try Advanced Defrag now to experience the most efficient defrag technology! Completely defrag and optimize the system performance in a minutes!
The working principle and main function of the program
The main function of AdvancedDefrag program is to analyze and reduce the file fragmentation in the magnetic disk as much as possible. The working principle is to analyze and shift the file data by cleaning up algorithm, then settle the file data in the consecutive area thus speed up the file searching and reading to improve the executive efficiency of the system.
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The principle of disk operations:
The magnetic head is controlled by the driver of disk to search the area where the file in and read data and transfer it to the disk cache and EMS memory. The searching time in the index of disk performance is called average seek time. Nowadays, the average seek time of most of the hard disk is less then 9.5 millisecond. If we can put those files into the continuous space of hard disk, then it will greatly reduce the searching time of magnetic head. So as reading the magnetic head that locates beneath the data sector. This procedure takes only 1/5 time of which the magnetic head moves to another location and read the same file data. System will check whether the data is on the high speed caching, if so, the system will read directly, or it will access to the disk. CACHE is very powerful if it requires a multi-reads of the same file, but it is tend to be useless when comes to the first read of the file. According to the principle of reducing magnetic head searching time, even Windows can not automatically put every files to the most suitable place, thus the operational efficiency of the system will be greatly affected by the searching and reading time.
Advanced Defrag Program features:

  • Fast analyzes and cleans up the disk fragments completely and thoroughly.
  • Possesses two kinds of fragment analysis graph: static lattice graph and 3D biscuit graph. This two graphs types can be switched freely during the analysis and defrag process.
  • Possesses list-graph just like our computer’s, supports disk partition and single file analyze & clean up. If you are a designer that required to deal with some big size file frequently, then our program would greatly improve your file accessing speed.
  • Provides file fragmentation analysis report that allows you to clearly understand the location of the file and fragment number.
  • Provides fragment analysis report graph of disk partition, list out the file fragmentation information of specify area in the disk such as: file directory, fragment number, file size, etc.
  • Supports various mobile device; Support different kinds of Windows operation system.
  • Its multithreading, sharing design enables you to handle other task easily during the defragment process with no conflict.
  • Support filtration setting for file folder, file name and file type.
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