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DMZedge Server v3.11.528 Enterprise Edition

DMZedge Server 3.11.528 Enterprise Edition
The DMZedge Server enables you to close inbound ports on your firewall, reducing the risk of network intrusion and enabling the highest level of security for both data storage and transfers.
When combined with the Titan MFT Server or the GroupDrive Server, the DMZedge Server uses a two-way connection originating from the Secure MFT or GroupDrive Server that is inside of the firewall on your corporate LAN. The DMZedge works as a communication proxy, replacing unsecure inbound connections from the Internet to your internal network.
How DMZedge Works
The DMZedge Server works as a proxy between users on the Internet and your secure corporate LAN. DMZedge Server resides in the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) - outside of your corporate firewall. The GroupDrive or Titan MFT Server that resides on your network initiates a session with the DMZedge through a secure outbound connection. All incoming client requests and data are forwarded to the back-end server through a connection that has already been established between the MFT Server and the DMZedge Server. The MFT or GroupDrive Servers reside securely behind your corporate firewall, although ease of access for your end users is as simple as if the servers were in your DMZ. Data storage and authentication take place on the back-end server, and no inbound ports are opened through your firewall.

  • No requirement for opening inbound ports through your corporate firewall; instead the internal MFT or GroupDrive Server initiates an outbound connection to the DMZedge Server
  • Enables Managed File Transfers and secure collaboration by working in conjunction with either the Titan MFT or GroupDrive Server products
  • Virtual authentication - DMZedge acts as a proxy for authentication to the back-end server, including authentication to existing Active Directory or LDAP server implementations
  • Secure protocol support including full FTPS, SFTP, HTTPS, and WebDAV over SSL
  • Complete pass-through capability - no storage or replication of user database information is required on the DMZedge Server
  • Simple, wizard-driven installation reduces implementation time.

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