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Offline Explorer Enterprise v5.8.3196 SR2

Offline Explorer Enterprise 5.8.3196 SR2
The best ever support for the modern Internet technologies, Flash, scripts and active contents. Combine this with the flexible filtering, instant download queue monitoring and detailed log to get the universal download tool that serves all your Web spidering and datamining requests.
Other features include scheduling and sequencing of your downloads, templates for most typical download tasks, downloading your favorite sites onto autorun CDs and DVDs. online database of Project settings shared by other users, easy-to-user Wizard, full-text search inside whole downloaded sites with the found keywords highlight, internal browser and editor, integration with other software, E-mail notification about download completion and much more.
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The most significant new features:

  • Office 2007-like Ribbon navigation
  • Ability to mark Projects with color
  • Search feature in the exported CHM files
  • Project levels tab
  • Enhanced Content Filters
  • Multi-threaded parsing to use all CPU cores
  • Download speed chart in the Status Bar
  • Ability to index downloaded files for faster search
  • FTP Upload in the Export dialog
  • and more...

Offline Explorer Pro also adds the following features:

  • A separate download directory for Project folders
  • Nested folders in Projects tree
  • URL macros
  • Multiple URLs in each Project
  • "Always keep .primary files" setting in Project properties
  • Ability to keep old copies of loaded files
  • Downloading queue manager
  • Ability to change the directory in which to keep Projects, templates and maps
  • Improved Messages panel design
  • HTTPS protocol support (for downloading from secured Web sites)
  • MMS protocol support (Microsoft Media Player stream files)
  • RTSP protocol support (Real Player stream files)
  • Data Mining - post processing of downloaded Web site
  • Ability to prohibit the Internal HTTP server from being accessed from other computers
  • Other servers links levels feature
  • Automatic Export of downloaded Projects
  • Custom referrers, cookies and post requests
  • Download or Export files directly to MS IE cache
  • Export downloaded sites to a plain directory with no subdirectories
  • Export downloaded sites to an MHT archive file
  • Customize Contents.htm files before exporting Web sites
  • Additional Project description window to supply multi-line comments
  • Project Map works much faster
  • Ability to print the whole Web site

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